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Welcome to Inflight Pilot Training ™! We provide the best pilot training experience in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Flying has some amazing benefits such as leisure travel, business travel, a career, or just a hobby. Please take a moment to browse our website and pilot training programs offered by our flight school in Minnesota. If you have any questions feel free to call or email us for more information.


The best flight school in the Twin Cities, Minnesota for  pilot training . An amazing program experience is guaranteed. The Private Pilot license is the starting point for anyone interested in learning to fly.


 Adventure awaits in these skill building experiences. Go beyond courses will enhance your pilot skills while providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


 Have you been dreaming about becoming a  professional pilot since you were a kid? Ready for a career change? This course is for you.


 The best flight school in Twin Cities for top class flight training and aircraft rental. At Inflight you’ll find instructors who care, a first-class experience, and an exclusive community. 

  • First of all and most importantly, the curriculum and instructors are great at Inflight, you can expect to be ready for the check ride within reasonable hours of training. Most planes are equipped with dual G5 and GTN 650, plus the iPad provided by the school, it just makes flying easier and more enjoyable. It is true that the airport can be busy sometimes with many other flights schools here, but it is a really good opportunity for practice radio communication and flying in a busy airspace in my opinion.

    Samuel Wong Avatar Samuel Wong
    November 30, 2022

    I always wanted to fly for a hobby, but navigating the requirements to become a private pilot was something I had zero experience with before coming to Inflight. I intended to shop around and find the right school, but as soon as I completed my discovery flight (Inflight was the first place I tried based on a personal recommendation and good reviews), I never gave other schools a second thought. Everyone I spoke to, or trained with, was genuine and helpful. Pricing was very transparent, and it felt like every lesson I had was valuable and delivered at my pace. I got lucky and stuck with my primary CFI (Cameron) from the Discovery Flight all the way to my Check-ride.  Not only did he prepare me well enough to pass on my first try, he had a ton of useful info about real-world flying too, of which he regularly worked into lessons (watch out for deer on the rural taxiways at night!) The few times I flew with other CFIs, I felt like they were well-prepped on where I was at personally, and the lesson just continued from where I left off. Little things like that are what make me believe that everyone at Inflight cares how well you do. Also, the planes are well maintained. They have a pretty nice variety available with some fancy stuff, but let's be real, I'm choosing to fly the older 172s because they are affordable. But despite the vintage, most have newer avionics and are well taken care of, and I never ran into any maintenance issues. Overall, they felt very safe. On the whole, my entire experience at Inflight was great, and I look forwards to my instrument training here and continuing as a renter.

    shane carlson Avatar shane carlson
    October 30, 2022

    Inflight has been a great and welcoming place to become a pilot. Every instructor I’ve had the opportunity to work with has been professional, kind, and, most importantly, safety oriented. Inflight is well-equipped to serve throughout the various stages of training with a competitively priced and well-maintained fleet. Scheduling is easy and they do a great job of laying out the journey from discovery flight to checkride.

    Charles Harmon Avatar Charles Harmon
    April 30, 2023
  • I was 6 when I ultimately wanted to become an Airline Pilot. Fast forward 20 years - I started training at Inflight since Oct 2021. I got my Private Pilot license in March 2022, Instrument Rating in July and just got my Commercial Pilot license this December. Next is CFI and I am really excited and looking forward to share the passion of aviation. Since, day one - Inflight has been the best flight school that anyone can ask for to becoming a Pilot. I like the way you can pace your training with your availability. At Inflight, I always feel like a part of the community where we share the passion for aviation.The instructors are amazing and they are there to help you to become the best. Your instructors are not just instructors, but also friends and mentors. I can truly say that Inflight is the best place to go for your training to get your wings.

    Jeeten Karki Avatar Jeeten Karki
    December 30, 2022

    Inflight's fleet and service is top notch. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to fly with Inflight at KFCM.

    Craig Burfeind Avatar Craig Burfeind
    June 16, 2023

    Great aviation school, instructors are well informed and can work around your schedule! Airplanes are clean and well maintained. Cameron Dudley has been my instructor throughout my private pilot certification, I would recommend him to anyone seeking a instructor. Reservations can be difficult, would recommend booking a couple weeks in advance.

    Josh Nelson Avatar Josh Nelson
    December 30, 2022
  • Recently completed private pilot training at Inflight. Passed the check ride and oral exam with no problem, in fact was over-prepared! I had 3 primary instructors (due to me taking my time and them going to the airlines), all are super professional and great pilots and teachers. They were still invested in me passing the check ride even though 2 had moved on! Everyone you meet and deal with at Inflight is very professional, helpful and good people. I have flown with a few other CFI's during my training, all were top notch. I have yet to meet anyone there that wouldn't go out of their way to help you, whether you were 'their student' or not. The planes are all well maintained and there's opportunity to get checked out in different models. I am going to continue on to instrument training, and am definitely staying with Inflight for the training. The community is fun, they have outings with their flying club where you can meet the other students/instructors, and it's always at a fun destination. If you're thinking about becoming a recreational or professional pilot, I highly recommend Inflight. They will safely get you to your goals, at your own pace. The pictures are from solo cross country flights and my first flight as a private pilot!

    Mark Schindler Avatar Mark Schindler
    January 30, 2023

    My forever dream was to become a pilot since I was a young kid growing up but the aviation sector in my country is very poor I migrated to the USA back in 2019 with high hopes and determination in chasing my dream and making it reality . Fast forward to 2020 I was looking around multiple flight school and inflight pilot training really stood out from all of them . I spoke with sadie she was at the front desk at that time , I had no knowledge of where to start , what are the different steps nothing , Sadie basically walked me through everything step by step she adviced me to start by taking a discovery flight scheduled me with Matt Hepp they were both awesome . After my discovery flight on May 2020 I was so hooked because I never actually had the experience of pushing the throttle to accelerate the aircraft down the runway the or taxi an aircraft . Private pilot license After getting my 3rd class medical and clearance from tsa I began my journey back in June 2020 and I was assigned with Colin Hernon , Great guy and a knowledgeable aviator , he had real patience , I messed up multiple times with the maneuvers but he never yelled or showed me attitude , same postive attitude every class enjoy working with him , but then I had to choose a secondary instructor that’s where John came in another awesome CFII , we’re always laughing every class and cracking jokes I enjoyed every moment with him , he was the CFII who believed in me and solo me on September 18 2020 a day I’ll forever remember, after finishing my Solo , John got a job as a corporate pilot so he had to leave . I Continued working with Hernon and I aced my Private checkride on March 4 2021 . From that moment on my motivation was boasted to another. Instrument Rating : After finishing my PPL I didn’t waste anytime I continued taking classes with Colin , checking off everything on the aeronautical experience . It was the toughest rating but Colin was just that patient guy he ensure I understand stuff before moving on ,after a few months of training , it was time for Colin leave after reaching his ATP mins .. Had to choose another CFI as quickly as possible , that’s where Stephen Lynch came in another knowledgeable and wise aviator . I was so blessed and lucky to have great CFIs through out my journey because not everyone is the same , some can be rough and impatient sometime . Anyways me and Steeve keep working together shooting approaches , his teaching techniques were similar to Colin’s just minor differences but I still adjusted quickly , he explained everything to bits and pieces so you can understand if you don’t he always explain it again and again . I aced my IRA checkride on November 2 2021 and it was time for a vacation ! Commercial Pilot training After coming back fresh from vacation I flew as much as possible with CFI to get familiar with the commerical maneuvers and also build time with my friends , the big takeaway at inflight is that the have a lot of aircraft , and the scheduling on flight circle gives flexibility to pilots whose working and financing their dream . That was a huge win for me , after flying as much as I can I got my 250 hours and was proficient on all my maneuvers ready for my checkride on October 30 2022 I aced it. My journey at inflight is going great especially meeting and see all these wonderful individuals, making new pilot friends and the aviation environment it’s definitely home ! You won’t regret joining any moment. Now I just planned on finishing up CFI training work with inflight and chase my ultimate goal of becoming an airline pilot .

    Andre Chand Avatar Andre Chand
    March 30, 2023

    Recently got my private pilot license from Inflight. I did most of my training at a different flight school. Because of relocation, Inflight becomes my last stop for my license. I'm very satisfied! Since I have alredy made all requirements for checkride at my perious flight school, I jsut want to get fimilar with everything and schedule the checkride. And that's excatly what I got. My main instuctor just makes sure I pick up everything and let me schedule the checkride. I feel he values all my expense and does not schedule any unnecessary flights. I also flew with few other instructors and everyone I meet here is very professional. Even I have to cancel some flight due to the harsh winter weather and rechedule my checkride a few times because of DPE schedule, I'm still able to get my license in 3 months. All of the aircrafts I flew are well maintained. The system feels very modern, compared with what I used to have. Almost everything is digital on the ipad. I really like it. I highly recommend this place for anyone who want to start his/her aviation journey, whether professional or just for fun(like me). The photo is the airplane I flew for my ppl checkride, and I passed it.

    Zhengyang Zhou Avatar Zhengyang Zhou
    April 30, 2023
  • Inflight is a great place to learn to fly. I've been flying here for about 2 years and enjoy how welcome and inviting they are, plus the Sweet Marthas cookies are delicious:) Would recomend to anyone who is looking to fly for a career or just a hobby.

    Lily Sweeney Avatar Lily Sweeney
    November 30, 2022

    I’ve done my private pilot and complex endorsement here and have had an excellent experience the entire time. Every instructor I’ve worked with has been great. The planes are in good condition and there are a variety of plane options too once you’re done with your PPL. Their building space offers a number of amenities as well. Their technology offerings are great. Easy to book planes and modify your reservation. Many documents are posted online for you to read ahead, calc out W&B, or just read about things you can do. Even right from the start their public website was very helpful in understanding everything that would be involved and how much it would cost. It was the main reason I knew I could afford training and what to expect when I first reached out! All this, and the prices are still excellent compared to other places. I’ve never had a negative experience and everyone has treated me well there. Working through even the most minor issues has been extremely pleasant, and even if I were to have a real issue, I am confident addressing it would be a breeze. I’m planning on starting my instrument rating shortly, and will definitely be doing it with InFlight.

    Brad Schoolman Avatar Brad Schoolman
    July 30, 2022

    Overall, Inflight is one of the best places you can go to for flight training in the Minneapolis area. The instructors are great, all very knowledgeable and caring, willing to help and answer any questions whether complicated or simple. Though it is very possible you may jump to different instructors as they move on in their careers. Aircraft are well kept and maintenance is performed routinely to ensure a safe and working standard. The biggest downside I see is the avionics between aircraft though. Not every plane is 100% the same in the cockpit, so that can make learning slightly more difficult if you often jump between aircraft - leading to tough scheduling as most students will prefer and book out specific planes. There isn't much to say about pricing. It's aviation. It gets pricey. But the ability of training at a part 61 school gives me the opportunity to work and pursue aviation at the same time.

    Tyler C Avatar Tyler C
    June 16, 2023
  • Inflight have the most welcoming and helpful staff. I live 40min plus away from inflight and get excited every time I go to fly. Started my flight training with Inflight since 2019 and now working on my CFI. Inflight made aircraft reservations and preflight very easy and simple compared to other flight school.

    Kaw Bluie Avatar Kaw Bluie
    November 30, 2022

    My dads feet still haven’t touched the ground! Thank you inflight for making my fathers fondest memories, reality again. If you have a family member that was a pilot, or wishes to be, this is the greatest gift you can give them. Kept my dad safe while having the time of his life. Definitely coming back to see my dad smile like that again!

    Milah Zahir Avatar Milah Zahir
    December 30, 2022

    Pilots are professional Maintenance is impeccable GM is highly responsive Owner of the company is reliable and resourceful Never heard a bad word about this wonderful company & I anticipate that one never will

    N Web Avatar N Web
    June 28, 2023
  • Got my private pilot license with Inflight. It was a great experience! Given its popularity, sometimes it's hard to find a plane available on short notice, but I made sure to reserve far in advance.

    Huzefa Avatar Huzefa
    November 30, 2022

    The staff at Inflight have been great throughout my time training for my PPL. Their training schedule is flexible for those people who are training while working full time. All the Instructors I have met have been helpful, knowledgeable, and committed to making sure you are well prepared for your checkride. I look forward to starting on my instrument rating soon.

    Stephen George Avatar Stephen George
    March 30, 2023

    A great Place to start your flight training! got my Private Pilots license here and am now renting. They go above and beyond in service. and CFI's really care. Also cookies and coffee is always a plus!

    Noah Leisen Avatar Noah Leisen
    June 16, 2023
  • Flying at Inflight has been convenient for me. The club events are good way to meet other pilots. The Inflight crew helped me with prioritizing the plane for my recent checkride, by reacting quickly to my request - I appreciate their effort as it helped me a ton.

    Megha M Avatar Megha M
    October 30, 2022

    My husband and I took a discovery flight with our instructor, Jennifer, for our anniversary date! Jennifer was very fun and helpful, we had a wonderful experience! Highly recommend.

    Miranda Chard Avatar Miranda Chard
    September 30, 2022

    Outstanding customer service support. Great instructions. Well maintained aircrafts.

    May 30, 2023
  • I earned my private pilot certificate with Inflight as a hobbyist. I started at age 39 and basically flew once every week or two for about 6 months, then once a week for 4 months, then 2-3 times a week for the final month - all together, about 50 hours of flight time. I started with one primarily flight instructor, but once she got a new job, I switched to another flight instructor - who had actually been trained by the first flight instructor! So it was a very smooth and easy transition. I've now been flying on my own three or four times, carrying my family around, and it is frankly everything I had hoped for. Inflight is a very "professional" operation. You very much feel that the staff are organized and on top of things, and related, I have enormous confidence in the airworthiness of their entire fleet of aircraft. I now rent from them without any concerns in either the safety of the planes or than I will have a good experience if anything goes sideways. For example, if I need to cancel a flight last minute due to weather, there are no cancellation charges or guilt trips about them losing money. They also encourage you to do what's safest first, regardless of other consequences. Inflight has enabled me to realize a lifelong dream, and I imagine I'll complete my instrument training with them also - after a few months of just enjoying flying around, visiting Minnesota's 135 public airports, playing tourist in local small towns, and perhaps most importantly, enjoying simply "being a pilot." If that's what you want too, you can definitely make it happen with Inflight.

    Richard L. Avatar Richard L.
    May 30, 2023

    Was over visiting Flying Cloud Airport The Place I received my Airframe and Power Plant license years ago and I decided to see what it might cost me to get back into the Air and A Student Pilot Again. In-flight has a pretty nice faculty and some great people working there so I was checking them and and ThunderBird Aviation out and getting myself familiar with the people and Aircraft ! I think As soon as I can afford it I'll definitely be back and get myself a couple of hours in the Air again. They're worth looking into if you want to learn to fly !!

    Michael Brouillette Avatar Michael Brouillette
    August 30, 2022

    After looking into multiple different flight schools to get my ratings I decided on Inflight and couldn't be happier. The staff is incredibly knowledgable and supportive and they have a very robust fleet of aircraft and talented instructors to help keep you on track and on budget. I recently passed my PPL check ride and have already started my instrument training with Inflight and am excited to head into the clouds!

    Jonathan Buchert Avatar Jonathan Buchert
    July 30, 2022
  • Firstly a disclaimer (I’m am terrified of heights lol). Okay with that being know you can already guess how nervous I am on the first flight. The instructors (Kayla and max) were so calm with me and getting me use to the plane and what it can actually do and how safe it is to fly. I 100% recommend this flight school. During the first few lessons, I flew with max. He is a great instructor and is a great teacher. During stalls (I’m terrified at 6,500ft) Max help me concurre the fear. He is amazing at showing you what exactly he is wanting you to do and what’s it suppose to feel like. Even though I was sweating profusely lol, max wanted to make sure I knew how to get out of that situation that can turn deadly closer to the ground. While he is happy in the sky high up and I’m comfortable by the ground, he helped me understand that the higher up we are is the safest place to be during something by like this. Now on to Kayla. She has experience at what I was going through and showed me exactly what the plane is capable of. She has an amazing deal of knowledge and is able to explain to me in great detail of the reason behind why the plane is doing that. Which comforts me. She told me a word to say when the turbulence got bad which was (that was spicy). 🤣 I will forever use this word to help. Even though I’m not able to finish out here I would have loved to. 150% recommend flying with either of these amazing CFIs. They are not just teachers but life long friends. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for helping with my dreams and conquering my fear. If your scared of heights go conquer your fear, once you get in the plane after a couple of times the views are amazing. (Below are some pics Kayla took on one of our 7am flights)

    Christopher Kinney Avatar Christopher Kinney
    September 30, 2022

    Editing my review after completing my IFR rating.There's been some turnover of CFIs as they move on to greater things, but Inflight does a great job of keeping you on track and being smart with your money. Yeah, the winters are tough for flying, but all the CFIs are motivated, and truly want to see you succeed!

    Conor Burns Avatar Conor Burns
    April 30, 2023

    I flew the SR-22 with Cameron and it was an amazing experience! If there is an aspiring pilot in your life, this is absolutely the best gift possible and I highly recommend it.

    Sam Turner Avatar Sam Turner
    June 2, 2023
  • I can’t praise Inflight enough! The instructors are top tier, the school provides great structure to optimize each students learning, everyone is more than willing to help, the front desk advisors are amazing and provide great customer service and a great overall experience, their fleet size is awesome and very well maintained! The amount of support I have felt not only from my instructors but from everyone at Inflight is truly special! You won’t find a better school.

    Sarah T Avatar Sarah T
    May 30, 2023

    Excellent school. Well maintained planes, really outstanding group of instructors. Other students are fun to connect and fly with. Received private & instrument rating while training here, and now working on commercial.

    Brian Paulus Avatar Brian Paulus
    March 30, 2023

    I have had a great experience while obtaining my PPL at Inflight Pilot Training. The staff is helpful and professional. Recommend to anyone going to start flight training.. The amount of planes and instructors is better than anywhere I’ve looked in the area.

    Janelle Harmon Avatar Janelle Harmon
    August 30, 2022